CES 2014: Sigma collaborates with Wyplay for HEVC-enabled silicon

Michelle Clancy | 08-01-2014

Sigma Designs is collaborating with European middleware vendor Wyplay. Together they have extended a porting effort on Sigma's new ARM-based set-top box (STB) system on a chip (SoC) product line. The middleware port is available at multiple performance tiers with Sigma's new HEVC capable SoCs.

The Sigma SMP875X family is the first to enable HEVC video decoding capability with the Main-10 profile allowing processing of up to ten-bit colour samples. It includes SoCs with multiple ARM A9 CPU configurations for 3000 or 6000 DMIPS of application processing. Similarly, the SMP8700 series includes GPU options with multiple performance levels for new 3D user interfaces and over-the-top applications.

"The STB vendor thus has flexibility to combine the right pair of CPU and GPU to meet customer requirement at optimum platform BOM," Sigma explained. "Incorporating Sigma's industry-proven expertise in multi-format Full-HD video decoding, VXP display processing and field-proven AV software core, the SMP8700 family of SOCs is able to provide premium quality video experience. There are also multiple CAS solutions planned for this family, including Verimatrix's cardless Video Content Authority System (VCAS)."

Frog by Wyplay, launching at CES, offers the full source code of Wyplay's STB middleware and backend add-ons is being deployed to more than ten million subscribers at Canal+, Belgacom, SFR, and Vodafone. It will be accessible free of charge for evaluation and development purposes.

"We are pleased to have partnered with Wyplay and their Frog initiative to open their code base to operators and partners to achieve fast time to market," said Mustafa Ozgen, vice president and general manager home multimedia for Sigma Designs. "We are also glad that our joint offering spans SoC performance tiers and HEVC decoding capability. Considering both companies strength in HTML5, we believe that we will be able to quickly address our mutual customers in a variety of geographic locations."