CES 2014: Opera, Verimatrix partner with TechniSat hybrid STBs

Michelle Clancy | 08-01-2014

In a joint technology collaboration, TechniSat Digital hybrid set-top boxes (STBs) will be powered by the Opera software development kit (SDK) and protected by advanced Verimatrix security solutions.

Opera Software and TechniSat have been partnering for years to deliver STBs powered by Opera's Web technology. This long-standing collaboration now brings TechniSat hybrid STBs, with a DVB-C tuner subsystem operating in conjunction with over-the-top (OTT) video service support, and offers a friendly interface for browsing Web content and video sources on TVs. Opera's SDK brings support for HMTL5-based middleware, as well as the rendering of commercial OTT video content, to TechniSat devices.

DVB and OTT pay-TV services, available via TechniSat STBs, are protected by a hybrid Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS) security solution, using the ViewRight ONE security client. The solution provides cardless protection of QAM-based broadcast services and direct support for enhanced HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) secured services through a native HTML5 video tag. The integration of ViewRight with the browser's native HLS stack gives efficient support for commercial OTT video services using the world's dominant video-streaming format.

"Top-notch security and a seamless Web TV experience are simply must-haves in the TV world today," said Aneesh Rajaram, senior vice president for TV and devices at Opera Software. "Opera's standards-compliant browser engine and TechniSat's solid platform and performance, together with advanced revenue security from Verimatrix, make the latest TechniSat STBs a perfect choice for operators."

This solution can also be customised to match operators' needs, including the integration of further options, such as Opera's HbbTV solutions, portals and services, including the Opera TV Store.

"For operators transitioning to a hybrid network, a standards-based approach provides the most flexible options when planning their technology infrastructure and business models. Our OTT video partner ecosystem, which includes progressive providers like Opera and TechniSat, reflects this approach and guards against proprietary technology lock-in," says Petr Peterka, CTO at Verimatrix. "Verimatrix VCAS is an ideal solution for this integration to meet the security requirements for multi-platform video delivery."