CES 2014: Rovi reveals new DivX for 4K, analytics and HEVC 4K options

Editor | 08-01-2014

Aiming to enhance the creation, delivery and multiscreen playback of next-generation video, Rovi has introduced new DivX technologies including technology designed to accelerate broad market adoption of the HEVC standard.

As well as demonstrating DivX HEVC technology such as DivX Live and DivX HEVC UltraHD/4K, Rovi launched updates to DivX 10 and its MainConcept HEVC SDK to reduce file sizes and create UltraHD/4K content experiences.

The HEVC 4K Streaming product comprises a live encoding and decoding flow of streaming DivX HEVC UltraHD (4K) video to a set-top box. DivX 10.1 supports the free creation, playback and streaming of high quality DivX HEVC video up to 4K. The latest update also adds new pre-defined encoding modes to DivX Converter, a DLNA Controller to DivX Player, and support for offline playback of DivX Plus Streaming content.

"We are showcasing what represents the culmination of a significant, two-year development effort designed to enable the entertainment ecosystem to use HEVC to recognise new video delivery efficiencies and drive high quality video experiences," commented Kanaan Jemili, senior vice president, product management at Rovi.

At CES, Rovi also announced the availability of new predictive analytics products that enables the use of audience segmentation in managing advanced advertising campaigns and targeting on-air promotions. The new Ad Optimizer and Promotion Optimizer products analyse consumer and behavioural data, enabling broadcast networks, cable TV operators, service providers and others in the television distribution industry to create highly targeted audience segments and optimise value of their audience or media to reach their revenue goals.

"The entertainment landscape continues to evolve dramatically, creating new opportunities for television networks and service providers to better understand their audiences," said John Moakley, executive vice president of data solutions, Rovi Corp. "Using Ad Optimizer and Promotion Optimizer, our customers can use big data sets that come from multiple platforms; and through deeper analysis of the data, plan advertising or promotion to reach a more specific audience segment."

Another key part of the CES proposition was Rovi Remote Access Services, a new component of its Rovi Cloud Services that are designed to allow service providers and authorised third-party developers to create applications for smart TVs, phones, and tablets that can control legacy cable set-top boxes. The first capabilities of the new services are to be Remote Tuning and Remote DVR, which can allow advanced guides on connected devices including smart TVs, tablets and smartphones to control standard set-top functions including channel navigation and DVR management.

"We are laser-focused on helping our customers create dynamic and more personalised ways for consumers to discover and enjoy entertainment across multiple screens," explained Michael Buchheim, senior vice president of product management, Rovi. "An important element of this process and for creating smarter home environments in general is to form a communication gateway between connected devices and legacy, disconnected set-top boxes that handle core functions like tuning, security and recording. Our latest cloud services are designed to further this effort, allowing providers to offer advanced and intuitive 'connected' guides that can communicate with legacy set-top boxes that provide the primary screen experience."