CES 2014: Brightcove licenses DivX HEVC technology to accelerate UltraHD adoption

Editor | 08-01-2014

Cloud video services provider Brightcove has entered into a collaboration with Rovi designed to accelerate the adoption of next-generation video compression standards.

Under the terms of the agreement, Brightcove has licensed the DivX high-efficiency video encoding (HEVC) solution, which it regards as critical for streaming high quality video and which it expects to be a driving factor in the delivery of 4KTV content to new UltraHD displays. Brightcove also plans to implement a number of formats and codecs based on the MainConcept SDKs, including MainConcept's HEVC SDK.

Brightcove will implement DivX HEVC within its Zencoder cloud-based encoding service to provide flexible, high performance encoding in the cloud, said Jeff Whatcott, chief marketing officer at Brightcove. "Through our collaboration with Rovi, we will be able to expand our support for the established MPEG formats in use amongst broadcasters, while also providing a bridge to the future of high quality video with HEVC. The integration of DivX HEVC into our Zencoder service will enable publishers to take advantage of the advanced compression efficiency of HEVC, and provide support for UltraHD and 4K experiences across devices."