AXN brings Broen to Spain

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 08-01-2014

AXN is to premiere the Swedish-Danish production Broen (The Bridge) on Spanish pay-TV.

The series has been distributed worldwide and has achieving great success, with American and French-English remakes having been filmed.

The drama, which was nominated for a best international production BAFTA award, will air tonight (8 January). Broen was in demand in Spain after FOX premiered the American remake The Bridge on pay-TV, getting nearly a 1% audience share – quite a high figure for pay-TV in Spain.

The story starts when a dead body is found on the bridge connecting Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden). The police start to collaborate to solve the crime, which drives them to chase a murderer who aims to highlight problems in today's society.

The shared production aired in Sweden and Denmark in 2011, with the second season premiering last autumn. The original series has been broadcast in the UK by the BBC, by ZDF in Germany, Ale Kino in Poland and Globosat in Brazil, among others.

FOX filmed the American remake, taking the plot to the bridge over the Rio Grande, at the border between the US and Mexico. Sky and Canal+ produced the French-English remake, this time moving the story under water, to the Channel Tunnel between both countries, thus naming the series The Tunnel.