Thailand's BBTV Channel 7 deploys Pilat Media's IBMS

Louise Duffy | 09-01-2014

Thai free-to-air broadcaster BBTV Channel 7 has deployed Pilat Media's IBMS (Integrated Business Management System) to manage all content, rights, and media traffic across its entire broadcast operations.

In addition to supporting Channel 7's current broadcasts, IBMS provides a scalable foundation for the broadcaster to extend its operation to include new multichannel and multiplatform services into the future.

Palakorn Somsuwan, managing director of BBTV Channel 7, said: "Following the evaluation of several business management solutions, we concluded that Pilat Media's IBMS offered by far the richest functionality and integration.

"By automating and integrating processes that were previously manual, slow, and inefficient, IBMS has brought new levels of operational efficiency, better cross-departmental collaboration, and the ability to exploit our valuable content assets to their fullest revenue potential. With IBMS, we're building a foundation that can grow with our operation and give us a competitive advantage, as we continue to develop the services our viewers demand."

Avi Engel, CEO of Pilat Media, added: "We are very proud to have reached this stage with BBTV Channel 7, Thailand's leading free-to-air broadcaster who is paving the way for the country's digital switchover.

"This project demonstrates how IBMS can smoothly accommodate a migration to digital services and help customers adapt to an ever-evolving business model and provide a scalable foundation for digital operations and multichannel, multiplatform services. IBMS's success at BBTV Channel 7 is key to Pilat Media's expansion in Southeast Asia where we already have a growing number of IBMS installations."

Pilat Media's IBMS Content is a flexible and scalable channel management system that enables media assets to be scheduled and managed throughout the broadcast lifecycle from acquisition, rights management, planning, promo production, and playout on multiple platforms through to reconciliation and finance. An active, centralised metadata repository ensures that all acquired or commissioned content is used while maintaining contractual compliance. With IBMS's programme planning and scheduling tools, users in multiple BBTV Channel 7 departments can plan and produce cost-effective schedules that optimise inventory. Furthermore, IBMS manages mission-critical operational processes for creating, tracking, and ensuring quality control of media with support for every media format.