CES 2014: Adap.tv expands Nielsen and comScore support in ad platform

Michelle Clancy | 09-01-2014

Adap.tv has launched the latest version of the Audience Path platform for advertisers, which includes expanded support of Nielsen's and comScore's measurement solutions.

An expanded roll-out of the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) and comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) apps are available in the company's App Centre. For one, customers can now use their own Nielsen accounts to track campaigns running through the Adap.tv Audience Path console when installing the Nielsen App, thus simplifying reporting. And with vCE, Adap.tv's clients can take advantage of deeper campaign insights into the composition of target audiences, in-flight reporting and daily alerting for more effective video ad campaign management.

Adap.tv has also expanded its app support of comScore's vCE so that customers can now use the same comScore vCE app for both audience measurement and viewability. And, the update includes campaign-level installation of the comScore vCE app, which provides additional flexibility for advertisers when choosing key performance indicators for their video campaigns.

Adap.tv is also expanding availability geographically: Launched earlier this year in the United States and United Kingdom, Nielsen's OCR is now available in Australia and all global markets where Nielsen is supported. comScore's validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) meanwhile is available in the US, UK and Australia.