Fox Sports to air local version in Colombia, Uruguay

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09-01-2014

Fox Sports will start broadcasting a local version in both Uruguay and Colombia during the first half of this year, according to Carlos Martínez, Fox International Channels president, speaking to Ovación.

Pay-TV platforms are already broadcasting Fox Sports in both countries, but the channel will now be adapted to the specific audiences.

According to Martínez, the international network has been planning the new channels for two years, and the channels will follow the same model as Fox Sports' versions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico, with local sports, local journalists and special programmes added to the channel's regular schedule.

With special focus on football, Fox Sports plans also to produce specific programmes when the countries take part in Latin American competitions such as the Copa Libertadores or Copa Sudamericana. Including the Uruguayan and the Colombian channels, Fox will have six Latin American channels with local production.

The main US and international sports network is reinforcing its position in Latin America, looking to Brazil's World Cup this summer.

As well as Fox Sports, ESPN has also increased its local programming in Colombia.