Wayin buys social TV start-up Comenta TV

Parent Category: News | 09-01-2014

US social media platform Wayin has announced the acquisition of Comenta TV, Argentina's social TV start-up.

The analytics and engagement platform is currently being used for most of Argentina's channels, as well as for others from rest of Latin America and Spain.

Wayin, which is led by former SUN Microsystems executives, aims to expand its global operations and strengthen its position in Twitter's ratings. Comenta TV brings a mix of broadcast and measurement technologies which has driven the company to lead the relatively new market of social TV applications.

The Argentinian start-up provides on-air Twitter integrations for some of the largest networks across 11 countries, including Viacom's Latin American properties.

"We looked at a lot of options and found Comenta TV to be unique in providing television producers with real-time intelligence into how audiences are engaging with their shows. Wayin sees this as of indispensable value to producers and networks in their quest to further engage their audiences while maintaining creative freedom," explained Elaine Wood, Wayin's chief executive.

"We share a vision for the future, passion for technologies that enable change, and now capabilities that make us stronger as one," added Juan Melano, one of Comenta TV's co-founders.

Together, the companies will have a set of solutions to deliver social content across the multiscreen environment, in multiple languages and with a complete analytics dashboard for measuring campaign effectiveness in real time.

Wayin works to integrate brands in social activity, but up until now had no TV platform. Comenta TV, social TV's pioneer in Latin America, is already integrated on Wayin's website, being offered as one more of the company's multiple services.