CES 2014: TiVo users get taste for binge viewing and second screen

Editor | 10-01-2014

Research by PVR pioneer TiVo among its subscriber base has revealed a huge desire for binge viewing of content as well as consumption of content on second screens.

The survey showed that the primary motivator for binge viewing is "to catch up on missed episodes," followed closely by "to improve the viewing experience and maintain continuity". Almost nine-tenths of TiVo subscribers admitted to binge viewing in the past few months, having watched three or more episodes of a given programme in single day. The research also highlighted the fact that more than half of bingers watch alone or rarely with others.

Drilling deeper, the research revealed that a quarter of hour-long TV programmes were being viewed as part of a binge and nearly a fifth of every 30-minute shows were experienced in the same way. Drama, in particular crime drama, was the most popular genre of content binged upon, followed by reality TV, sitcoms and home improvement programming.

The survey also confirmed the growing importance of the second screen as a delivery vehicle for content. TiVo subscribers were found to be increasingly streaming programming to their mobile devices, driving longer periods of engagement on second screens, with recorded shows leading the way as the streaming content of choice.

Over three-quarters (78%) of TiVo subscribers capable of streaming content to their mobile devices are doing so at least once a month. Additionally, the average number of streaming sessions per month increased by almost 50% in the second half of the 2013. Four-fifths of TiVo streaming sessions were viewed on tablets, while the remaining sessions were viewed on smartphones. Additionally, a typical streaming session was as long as a 30-minute sitcom, without commercials, with an average user streaming 15.6 sessions per month.

"We're in rapidly-changing and exciting times with regard to TV technology and consumer behaviour, and our research plays an integral role in helping networks, brands and advertisers understand the shifts in viewing behaviour as they seek to most affectively reach their target consumers," said TiVo chief research officer Jonathan Steuer.