Argentina's public network to broadcast World Cup FTA

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 10-01-2014

Argentina's public channels are to broadcast the 64 matches of the World Cup 2014 free-to-air (FTA), although only half of these will be live.

Through the official programme Fútbol Para Todos (football for everyone), the Government has purchased the rights to broadcast the matches on Televisión Pública-Canal7 and satellite signal Depor TV.

Speaking to the country's media, Jorge Capitanich, chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina, said that both channels will broadcast around ten hours of content self-produced in Brazil, once the World Cup starts. The most important matches of every group, as well as everything related to the Argentina's team, will be broadcast live.

The Government relied on the Argentinian football association (AFA) and the country's clubs in order to purchase the broadcasting rights. Since the Fútbol Para Todos programme was created in 2009, the football rights have no longer been owned by pay-TV companies. Both the international tournaments and the Argentinian football leagues are now always broadcast FTA.

The public TV network has also broadcast South Africa's World Cup in 2010, the Beijing Olympics (2008) and London Olympics (2012) and the Hockey World Championship, which took place in Argentina.

However, such an ambitious programme means a large public investment. Therefore, the Government may be thinking about incorporating private advertising during the matches.