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Thread: oscam webinf picons

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    oscam webinf picons

    could anyone please point me in the right direction, im after the actual protocol picons (CCcam, newcamd, etc)
    thx in advance

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    Re: oscam webinf picons

    In oscam.config set:
    httpshowpicons= 1
    httptpl= /usr/local/etc/config/picons ### directory path is an example, for you can be different!

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    Re: oscam webinf picons

    ive got all the channel picons, its the protocol picons i cant find
    IC_CCcam.tpl etc

    managed to find them, if anyone want them google "oscam piconbase"
    i had to rename a few CCcam to appropoate version but they all work
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