Social TV: 2013's winner in Spain

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 12-01-2014

2013 has been a year of growth and consolidation for social TV and second screen activity in Spain, according to the latest report from Tuitele. December figures place social TV's growth at 93.7% in 2013.

December, as well as November and October, were months of stabilisation, with around 1.3 million unique social TV viewers. The highest figures were achieved in May and June, with nearly 1.5 million users, watching TV and commenting on the shows on Twitter. The year started with 700,000 users.

Reality shows and sports are, as usual, the greatest comment-gatherers. The Voice's Spanish version had an average of nearly 400,000 comments and 130,000 social viewers per show, driving Telecinco's show to top the figures. Champions League, La Liga and Spain's Cup matches were also among the most commented upon last month.

Looking through the whole year, The Voice, Big Brother and football fight for first place of most commented broadcasts. But regarding channels, the only social leader is Mediaset's Telecinco, which gathered over 26 million tweets in 2013 (a third part of the 76 million TV-related comments) thanks to its 2.6 million social viewers. Antena 3 (10 million) and Cuatro (8 million) complete the social TV top three.