Ximon subscription VOD service axed

Editor | 12-01-2014

In a wonderful piece of understatement, Dutch subscription video on demand (VOD) provider Ximon has revealed that "the new year begins differently than hoped", referring to the fact that it is to end its eponymous VOD service.

Since launch in 2011, Ximon has provided subscribers in the Netherlands and Belgium with 'quality' films and TV series on an on-demand basis. Ximon claimed to be the first Dutch provider of VOD with an all-you-can-watch element and curated a catalogue containing more than 4,300 titles running online and through smart TVs, game consoles and the iPad.

Yet the company now concedes that the VOD market is not growing as fast as expected and after spending the past six months seeking a financial investor or strategic partner that could help it until the market for VOD services picked up, the end was nigh and there would be no additional funding for Ximon. The plug will be pulled on 29 January.

"The team regret enormously that a wonderful product [could] not make it into the current VOD market in the Netherlands and Belgium," commented Esther Frijns, marketing & PR manager. "[This is] a major setback for ourselves and especially for our loyal subscribers and customers."