Zinwell to use MaxLinear silicon for satellite unit

Michelle Clancy | 13-01-2014

Zinwell has agreed to develop a satellite digital outdoor (D-ODU) unit using MaxLinear's MxL865 channel stacking system-on-chip (SoC).

Zinwell is expanding its extensive satellite product line with the new D-ODU which is designed for multi-satellite, channel-stacking low-noise block (LNB) down converters. In the direct broadcast satellite industry, the company is known for its LNBs, multi-dwelling unit switches and SAT>IP servers.

"MaxLinear's D-ODU product family has been very well received in the market due to its high level of integration, low power consumption and unmatched performance to meet strict operator specifications," said Brian Sprague, MaxLinear vice president and general manager. "We're pleased to enable Zinwell to be a leader in the transition to digital with this new D-ODU."

The MxL865 is based on MaxLinear's Full-Spectrum Capture FSC technology, and can support up to 24 channels over a single cable for simplified connection between the indoor set-top box and rooftop LNB or multi-dwelling unit switch. The device has five FSC wideband inputs for a total capture bandwidth of 10GHz and features a single L-band IF output.

"Zinwell is constantly looking at the future of our markets and laying the groundwork for long-term development," said Cester Wu, Zinwell vice president of sales and marketing. "This D-ODU is the future of satellite TV services and working with MaxLinear and the MxL865 has helped us to keep pace with this significant technology trend."