Comigo launches Duo Smart Stick

Michelle Clancy | 13-01-2014

Comigo has launched the Duo Smart Stick, which converts any TV into a smart, social and interactive unit.

The Duo Smart Stick runs Comigo's software solution, which is tailored to the unique hardware capabilities of the HDMI stick, and enables the streaming of video and audio content, IPTV channels, over-the-top (OTT) videos, video-on-demand (VOD) and other content stored on external flash drives and on the home network. The experience delivered by the stick can be controlled by a remote control or via a Comigo iOS and Android apps.

Comigo is aiming the Duo to TV service providers looking to target specific viewer segments. Each Comigo Duo Smart Stick user has a personal login with relevant features and content to fit their profile. For example, a child will have access to specific VOD, live channels, games, apps, websites and educational books that have been authorised by his parents. That child can have limited TV viewing time and can communicate only with approved members. An older person, however, will have the ability to access different content that is relevant, the ability to ask for help, access specific shopping sites and so on.