HbbTV: a Czech perspective

January 13, 2014 09.09 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

HbbTVHbbTV services were used by 60,000 people in the Czech Republic over the Christmas period, according to Petr Dvorak, the head of the country’s public broadcaster Ceske televise (CT).

Quoted by Digizone, he added that CT is the leading provider of hybrid services in the country.

In truth, the broadcaster has little if any competition, with only the music-based station Ocko having begun HbbTV trials in recent months.

Some 30% of people in the Czech Republic who own a HbbTV receiver actually access HbbTV services, with the most popular one being the iVysilani video archive, offering nearly 3,300 days of programming and other content.

The Czech Republic, along with Poland, is one of the pioneers of HbbTV in Central and Eastern Europe.