Knetic expands media platform focus to include OTT

Michelle Clancy | 14-01-2014

Knetik Media, a platform development company with expertise in video, new media and gaming, is taking aim at the over-the-top (OTT) media world with an expansion of focus for its Knetik Transmedia platform.

In 2013, Knetik Media was focused on the expansion of its gaming business. In the coming year, the company's escalation in Transmedia will reach music and digital print, it said.
"2013 was a year of transformation as we unveiled the concepts of Transmedia and gamification into our platform," said Shane Robinett, CEO of Knetik Media. "The pace of the evolution of our technology as well the pace of sales growth will dramatically improve in the coming year. The demand for our platform cuts across the entire media spectrum from video, gaming music and digital print.''
The news follows the late 2013 announcement that the company has secured additional funding and investors that sets the foundation for a series A funding round in the first quarter.
The company in 2013 also benefitted from the expertise provided by DMG Worldwide Consulting, which helped manage the accounting and financing environment. And, David Greene, principal and founder of DMG Worldwide Consulting, has been appointed to the board of Knetik Media.