Guardian selects for video ad marketplace

Michelle Clancy | 14-01-2014 has signed an agreement to provide a video ad private marketplace for Guardian News & Media (GNM). GNM will sell video inventory programmatically to selected trading desks and agencies, which will allow the publisher to further monetise video content across global markets and, in theory, increase its advertising revenue.

"The Guardian is a 'programmatic pioneer,' having embraced this way of trading for display advertising since its early days," said Brian Fitzpatrick, managing director of Europe. "As the brand continues to expand its global footprint, making video inventory available programmatically via a private marketplace will provide access to new revenues while maintaining full control of buyers and pricing."
With an ad-funded focus, GNM has undertaken programmatic trading for display advertising over the past four years. Adopting the channel for its premium video inventory will help it to realise higher advertising yields as it continues to expand its reach across international markets, it said.
"Our clear commercial vision means that we are committed to our advertising model and making sure it works for all parties," said Tim Gentry, revenue director at GNM. "As a result, advertisers find it highly compelling. We have always been fairly 'brave' around programmatic trading, adopting it from the early days in the belief that it offers advantages of ease and efficiency for buyers and sellers. Introducing a private marketplace for video with was the next logical step."