SA's looks to the cloud for content storage

Rebecca Hawkes | 14-01-2014

South African free-to-air broadcaster has ordered a cloud-based content storage management (CSM) system from Front Porch Digital, to provide a central digital archive in its Cape Town studio.

"In an industry where content is king, an efficient and stable archiving system is crucial for the conservation, preservation, and, ultimately, commercial exploitation of content. It became an imperative for us this year when we launched our multichannel business," said Nohra Moerat, general manager of group libraries and archives,
"DIVArchive is a system with a proven track record and a strong reputation, and offers efficiencies that will allow us to archive and retrieve in a more organised way which means we'll be able to browse and choose footage selectively, save on storage, and monetise our clips more effectively."
The decision to digitise content and store it on LTO datatape will enable the broadcaster to archive all legacy content, including raw footage, clips, stills and electronic and paper-based documents.
"Adding a DIVArchive system to its workflow will give more convenient and rapid access to its archived material, which will help feed a revenue stream and enhance its programming," said Rino Petricola, senior vice president and general manager, Front Porch Digital.