YouTube views hit 310MN per day in MENA

Parent Category: News | 15-01-2014

Two hours of video are being uploaded every minute in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), according to Google's global video sharing site YouTube.

Across the board, however, only 3% of online content is in Arabic, even though market research company Common Sense Advisory (CSA) says the online Arabic speaking population now surpasses that of Russian, French and German-speakers.

Spotting the opportunity, YouTube launched its monetisation policy last year in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, enabling users to earn money depending on the content uploaded.

"We have 310 million views a day and have two hours of video uploaded every minute and most of it is in Arabic," said Diana Baddar, YouTube video partnerships manager, MENA Region.

"We also have the second largest presence in the MENA region after the US and have thousands of creators creating content in Arabic, which is diverse and popular."

YouTube claims four billion views globally a day and a billion unique visitors a month.

Dr Fayeq Oweis, language services manager for emerging EMEA, Google added: "There has been a lot of improvement in Arabic content creation in the last two years ... General Arabic content, regardless of where it came, is a plus. It is the right step in increasing Arabic content," said Oweis.

Arabic is the third most widely spoken language, after English and French, with an estimated 300 million speakers around the world. A recent month-long campaign by Google and regional partners called Arabic Web Days has sought to encourage Arabic online content creation among Arabic speakers.

The number of active Arab internet users was predicted to reach 13 million by 2014, up from ten million in 2012, according to Booz & Company.