More than half of US consumers would buy an UltraHD TV in next two years

Editor | 15-01-2014

UltraHD/4K technology, undoubtedly one of the star attractions of CES 2014, now has to start selling in order to live up to its hype, but this may not be a huge challenge, a research brief from Strategy Analytics notes.

In a new Consumer Metrix survey carried out over the past few weeks with 2,024 US consumers, the analyst said that it found very strong interest in UltraHD TV, with just under a fifth (19%) of people saying they would be very likely, and over a third (37%) somewhat likely, to buy a 4KTV within the next two years. Only just under a quarter (24%) said they would be unlikely to buy one.

It should be noted that in undertaking its survey Strategy Analytics caveated the purchasing intention question to its sample by asking them to assume the price of an UltraHD or 4KTV was acceptable and that image quality was as good as is claimed for the technology. Acceptable pricing and picture quality, in addition to content availability, are perhaps the key commercial development parameters for UltraHD, and failure to satisfy these essential criteria had disastrous implications for the development of 3DTV.

This notwithstanding, Strategy Analytics principal analyst, David Mercer, said: "This looks like great news for the CE vendors introducing new UltraHD models this week. If they get the pricing right UltraHD could provide a significant business uplift over the near to medium-term states."