The town of St. Gallen is to become Switzerland’s largest WLAN network: on 30 January 2014, upc cablecom will activate an additional network on all WLAN modems installed in the biggest town in Eastern Switzerland – which upc cablecom’s Internet customers will be able to use free of charge. The free WLAN is easy to use: simply register online, enter a username and password for Wi-Free just once and surf free of charge from then on with a mobile device at all Wi-Free homespots in the town of St. Gallen. The service is set to be launched throughout upc cablecom’s entire footprint once the pilot project is complete.

upc cablecom is the first telecommunications provider in Switzerland to offer its 11,000 Internet customers in the town of St. Gallen the opportunity to surf for free with Wi-Free. The idea is that Wi-Free will be added to upc cablecom Internet customers’ WLAN modems. Wi-Free uses a second wireless network on the existing WLAN modems. The separate network has been inactive up to now and will now be activated by way of a software update. The Wi-Free network has its own designated speed, which will be provided in addition to the existing speed on the private wireless home network. This means that the advertised speeds for the customers’ private WLAN are not affected. Standard Internet applications such as surfing the web are possible without restrictions while on the move with the data volume offered by Wi-Free.

Privacy guaranteed

Wi-Free works separately from, and independently of the private WLAN. Wi-Free users are not able to gain access to the owner’s private WLAN at any point. Privacy and data protection are therefore guaranteed. What is more, no additional radiation will result from the activation of the second network.

Everyone is part of the Wi-Free community
All 11,000 of upc cabelcom’s Internet customers can use Wi-Free in the town of St. Gallen during the pilot phase. This goes for both customers with Internet as part of a bundle and for those who only have an Internet subscription from upc cablecom. Before they can use the service, they must register online in the My UPC customer portal at Customers in the town of St. Gallen will be informed about Wi-Free in a letter from today onwards.

After the Swiss pilot project in St. Gallen, there are plans to activate Wi-Free throughout upc cablecom’s entire footprint. In total, 647,400 customers had an Internet subscription from upc cablecom as of 30 September 2013.

Wi-Free also available abroad
upc cablecom is among the first Liberty Global companies to launch Wi-Free. Customers throughout Europe will be able to use the service in other Wi-Free countries as well. The sister company Telenet in Belgium has also successfully introduced a similar service. Following the launch in 2011, more than 1 million Wi-Free homespots are available and are used actively.