Viacom to debut interactive Nick Jr channel on Verizon FiOS

Michelle Clancy | 16-01-2014

Viacom is gearing up to launch a new interactive channel for preschool kids called My Nick Jr, which, as its name suggests, offers the ability for parents to customise the programming.

Interestingly, and uniquely, it's not a digital or online-only network; rather, it will be a premium, ad-free linear play living next door to the regular Nick Jr cable network. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Verizon FiOS is the first pay-TV operator to sign on for carriage.

My Nick Jr operates a bit like Internet radio services: parents select a theme, 'word play', 'super-sonic science' or 'get creative', and the channel will return relevant content gleaned from both scheduled programming and on-demand options from Nickelodeon's back catalogue. Then, as children watch the channel, they can rate shows by clicking either a smile or frown icon, which will either promote or de-prioritise content like what was smiled or frowned upon.

Verizon expects to launch within the next couple of months, WSJ said.