UNE renews line-up, focuses on mobile screens

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 16-01-2014

Colombia's Canal UNE has presented its new programming for 2014 with a strong focus on entertainment and mobile and connected screens.

All of UNE's schedule will be available through the channel's website and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. UNE launched its smart TVs app two months ago, targeting connected viewers.

The network will offer a variety of successful formats and launch new programmes, including Todo Bien, which will premiere next weekend. The talk show will present interviews with Colombian personalities from different fields, starting with brothers who coach two different football teams.

Versión Beta will keep its lifestyle magazine format during 2014, which has brought success to the channel. But during the new season, it will focus on science and technology, bringing live experiments to the set.

Football, with Qué Golazo, will be UNE's bet for the late afternoon, while the evening will be taken up by lifestyle shows, such as Tendencias (beauty and fashion) and Ideas & Estilos (design and home). Film and series will be offered through Zona Zap, which brings the latest blockbusters, and Cine TV, which is centred on independent movies. Again sports, mainly football, and children's programming will be the schedule's stars on weekends.