End of 2013 sees steady rise in 4KTV panel shipments

Editor | 17-01-2014

The year-end shopping season, Chinese brands’ aggressive procurement and panel-makers’ strong promotion has resulted in a peak for 4KTV panel shipments in Q4 2013, according to research from WitsView.

The display research division of the global market intelligence provider TrendForce, found that 4KTV panel shipments attained their peak, reaching 1.34 million units and growing 14% quarter-on-quarter. This resulted in 3.1 million units in shipments for the full year, with a penetration rate of 1.3%.

Innolux accounted for 60% of 4KTV panel shipments, while China Star had a 14% market share of the market, exceeding AUO with 12%. The latter worked with Japanese brands such as Sony and Toshiba in the first half of the year and started to supply 4K panels to Chinese brands in the second half. Taiwanese makers enjoyed a combined 76% share of the 2013 4KTV panel market when including Innolux’s volume.

“As Taiwanese makers lead … in 4KTV panel development and launch a wide range of models, [this will be] different from Korean makers’ strategy to position the 4K products in the high-end 55”-and-above large TV market. On top of the 50”, 55”, 58”, and 65” high-end 4K panel products developed by Taiwanese makers, Innolux [is leading in the bid to] mass-produce mid-sized 4K panels, including 39”, 40”, and 42”. The aggressive pricing strategy [will catch] the eye of Chinese brands, and 4K UltraHD-resolution TV has become an ideal stimulant to lift Chinese brands’ shipments after the subsidy policy ended,” commented WitsView senior research manager, Jeffy Chen.