CES shows resurge for AMOLED TV

Joseph O'Halloran | 17-01-2014

Even though it offers superior colour gamut, switching speeds and viewing angles, OLED has always been considered the future candidate display technology, but high cost has held back shipments – until now.

In the wake of CES 2014, IHS Technology predicts in its AMOLED Panel Makers’ Strategy Analysis and Market Forecast report that an evident new impetus for active matrix OLED evident at the show will cause shipments to rise to more than ten million units in 2018. The analyst predicts that 2013 will see global unit shipments of 50,000 AMOLED television panels as the sets remain stubbornly expensive and only LG Displays expected to ship large volumes of panels in 2014.

IHS noted that several brands demonstrated a range of what it called “compelling” AMOLED sets at CES and suggested that as the AMOLED display suppliers resolve their manufacturing challenges, and brands enter higher-volume production, AMOLED TV panel shipments will rise to 700,000 in 2015, to 2.2 million in 2016 and to 5.1 million in 2017.

“AMOLED televisions were on centre stage at CES, led by LG Electronics, Samsung and Panasonic showing a variety of new sets, including models with a range of screen sizes, UltraHD resolution and curved and even bendable displays,” said IHS director of mobile and emerging displays and technology Vinita Jakhanwal.

“The high profile of the products and large number of sets at CES indicates that television brands remain committed to promoting AMOLED technology. Although previous AMOLED TV initiatives have been stymied by production issues, these are expected to be overcome and sets are expected to enter high-volume production in the coming years.”