6Play embedded on XBox One and Kindle Fire HD/HDX

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 17-01-2014

Two months after its launch, M6's new multi-platform brand 6Play is now available on new devices, including Xbox One and Kindle Fire.

Already accessible from Xbox 360 consoles, 6Play has extended to the new Microsoft device XBox One, enabling viewers to watch the M6 channels live, along with its catch-up services, extra content and gamification.

6play is also now accessible from the Amazon App-Shop for smartphones and tablets on Android, and notably on the family tablets Kindle Fire HD and HDX.

Users can watch the live feed of all M6 Group's DTT channels M6, W9 and 6ter, along with their catch-up TV services and extra content.

From the 'Connect' function, they also can interact in real time with the programmes, and access a selection of the best comments over the social networks through the 'Live Tweets' section.
6Play boasts 12 million downloads.