E4 clocks up record-breaking viewing share

Editor | 17-01-2014

UK broadcaster Channel 4ís digital offshoot E4 has achieved in 2013 what it calls the biggest year in its history, increasing its share of individuals and key demographic of 16-34 year olds to a record high in 2013.

Overall for the twelve month period the channel amassed a share of 1.89%, up 2% compared with 2012, and pulled in a 16-34 share of 5.09%. This represented the ninth consecutive year that it saw off rivals such as BBC2 and Channel 5 and held the leading position for young audiences.

Driving the channelís success were bit hitting shows such as The Big Bang Theory, attracting a peak audience of (2.5 million), New Girl (1 million), How I Met Your Mother (1.2 million) and Made in Chelsea (1.1 million), all of which celebrated their highest rating series to date. Research from SecondSync data showed Made in Chelsea was the most tweeted about reality show episode of 2013.

ďE4ís had a fantastic 2013 and is having a storming start to the New Year with its distinctive mix of the best of American series like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and award winning home grown shows like Made in Chelsea,Ē commented Jay Hunt, Channel 4ís Chief Creative Officer.

Going into 214, E4 revealed that brand new US drama The Tomorrow People had already achieved the channelís highest rating launch episode ever (2 million) and the debut of Brooklyn Nine-Nine attracted 1.1 million viewers, more than doubling the slot average said Channel 4.