Da Vinci Learning launching in Taiwan

January 17, 2014 13.17 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Da Vinci LearningDa Vinci Learning has launched in Taiwan via CNS, the local cable system operator.

Ferdinand Habsburg, the channel’s managing director, is pleased to see the channel enter another, “inviting families in Taiwan to a unique life-long learning adventure. Passing the message that “learning can be fun” onto future generations is very important. It is rewarding to be able to feed the appetite for knowledge as well as turn watching television into a meaningful experience.”

Da Vinci Learning is bade in Berlin, Germany, and offers knowledge programming with educational series and documentaries for kids and adults with subjects covering a broad range of topics – from physics and chemistry to history and nature. With its “no violence” policy, Da Vinci Learning creates a safe environment for younger viewers and aspires to be a useful educational tool.