Mediaset boosts its entertainment offer

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 19-01-2014

Mediaset has decided to improve its entertainment offer for 2014 by purchasing eight Hollywood blockbusters and starting to co-produce with Cuarzo-DLO the Spanish version of Israel's talent show I Can Do That.

All the films acquired by the media company have been nominated for this year's Oscars, and include American Hustle, Frozen, The Croods, Philomena, Iron Man 3, The Book Thief and Star Trek 2 Into Darkness. No broadcasting details have been given, although it's expected that all of them will be aired on Telecinco, the group's main channel.

In addition to the bet on cinema, Mediaset has begun to produce I Can Do That, Israel's Armoza Formats talent show. The media company is working together with Banijay's Cuarzo-DLO on the format, which will also be adapted for Australia, France, Italy, Germany Norway, Brazil or Peru, among others. Mediaset is also producing with Zeppelin TV Más que Baile (more than dancing), an ice dancing talent show.