Microsoft plans to stream live sports networks to Xbox One

Michelle Clancy | 20-01-2014

Microsoft is planning to stream live sports content to the Xbox One gaming console via an agreement with NeuLion to license the NeuLion Sports Platform. NeuLion will also develop, host and operate the delivery of specific live sports content (to be determined by Microsoft) on the Xbox One.

NeuLion will deliver live, found-the-clock linear channels, stats data and on-demand content for broadcasts to Xbox One. First it will capture multiple live sports feeds in its cloud-based service, then format the content for delivery to the Xbox One. Video will be consumed by fans at up to 6mbps per stream, at 60 frames per second.

"One of NeuLion's core strengths is our ability to get our partners to market fast with an integrated experience," said Chris Wagner, executive vice president and co-founder of NeuLion. "Our sports platform has helped to reduce the complexities involved and deliver for Xbox fans a tremendous live sports experience on the game console."

NeuLion already has had a long-standing relationship with Microsoft as an Xbox development partner for Xbox 360 applications, including professional sports partnerships.

"NeuLion has enabled us to merge high definition video with real-time data to create an interactive experience that is only available on Xbox One," said Wil Mozell, general manager of the Sports Entertainment Group at Microsoft.