BBC launches iWonder interactive viewing guides

Parent Category: News | 20-01-2014

Buoyed by a successful Christmas, in particular for tablet-based viewing, the BBC has launched iWonder, a brand designed to unlock the learning potential of all BBC content.

The BBC says that with the look and feel of native mobile applications getting ever more immersive, its audience’s expectations of accessing content on their smartphones and tablets is high. It concedes that expecting users to struggle to navigate a full desktop website on a tiny screen isn’t acceptable any longer.

By contrast, the interactive guides are designed to offer a different approach to presenting BBC content compared with traditional TV programmes online, organising video, audio, rich infographics, written summaries, and activities into stories that the corporation says make the most of the interactive medium.

“We know from plenty of research that people learn better by doing, and we’ve designed our guides to be 'sit forward', placing a user’s interactions with the content at the core of the experience,” explained Andrew Pipes, BBC executive product manager: “We know that people's curiosity is often sparked by BBC programmes, and also by the world around them. BBC iWonder is for these curious minds, and at its' heart is a new content format, interactive guides. Guides will invite people to lean forward, and actively explore a range of factual and education topics from Science and Natural History, Arts, History, Religion and Ethics, Food and more. “