Mobistar makes moves to introduce TV services

Editor | 20-01-2014

Belgian telco Mobistar has invoked its regulatory right to access the Telenet and Brutélé-Tecteo cable networks in order to offer TV services.

After paying each cableco €600,000, Mobistar says that it is counting on the operators to “collaborate in order to inject a new dynamic into the market, just as the mobile operators previously enabled the introduction of wholesale offers. In other words, make a strategic move towards the provision of TV services in order to guarantee its long-term profitability.

Commenting on its move, Mobistar said: “These payments also determine the start of the six-month period that the cable operators have, effective immediately, in order to offer the necessary technical and operational systems to potential wholesale customers. In this way Mobistar is fulfilling its promise to proceed with the effective introduction of the cable regulation and is taking the steps necessary to offer Belgian consumers competitive TV and fixed broadband services in the future.”