TDC buys Blockbuster name

January 20, 2014 11.18 Europe/London By Julian Clover

JensenTDC Group is preparing to launch a major offensive in the digital film rental market after acquiring the rights to the Blockbuster name in the Danish market. The operator, which runs both cable and IPTV networks, plans to use the name to encourage new households to try digital film rental.

Anders Jensen, Senior Executive Vice President, TDC, says: ”Our aim is to accelerate growth in a market where new release rentals have already more than doubled each year for the past five years. Typically, it takes a couple of years from the latest films are shown in the cinema until they become available via subscription film streaming services, and many people are not willing to wait that long. They want to see the films while they are still new and are willing to pay extra for that.”

Blockbuster has been a familiar sight on Danish streets for almost two decades before entering administration last year. The shops themselves are being rebranded as, which is based on creating a marketplace for pre-owned popular consumer electronics, films and games, which combines the physical shops with an online platform.