Media Networks Latin America selects PeerApp caching

Parent Category: News | 21-01-2014

Media Networks Latin America, a B2B unit of Telefonica Digital, has selected PeerApp's UltraBand caching system. It will use the platform across its Latin America satellite broadband Internet access network to improve the delivery of Internet video and Web content, by storing and serving the most requested Internet content from the edge of the network.

"We offer wholesale satellite residential broadband service to operators in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru," said Fernando Blácido, ISAT technical manager of media networks. "With UltraBand we can ensure that the most popular content will be delivered at the advertised speed of our service. PeerApp caching is enabling us to fully leverage our larger infrastructure investments."

PeerApp UltraBand supports video, HTTP file downloads, software updates and peer-to-peer traffic in a single platform, which is fully transparent to preserve application logic and ensure freshness of content.

"Quality of experience is core to the brand differentiation of a global communications provider like Telefónica," said Grigory Parra Vorobiov, PeerApp vice president of sales for Latin America. "By implementing PeerApp's multi-service caching infrastructure they are ensuring quality delivery of a wide variety of popular video and Web content."