Comcast launches Xfinity X1 DVR in Pennsylvania

Michelle Clancy | 21-01-2014

No 1 US cable MSO Comcast has launched its cloud-based interactive television experience, the X1 platform from Xfinity, across the Keystone Region, which includes western, central and north-eastern Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and portions of West Virginia and Maryland.

X1 integrates Comcast's collection of video with social media features and interactive apps.

"The X1 Platform is a huge leap forward for us and transforms traditional television viewing into an entirely new entertainment experience," said Jim Samaha, senior vice president of Comcast's Keystone Region. "X1 uses cloud-based technology to make the TV smarter, richer and more personalised, and allows us to deliver new features to our customers faster than ever."

X1 includes a modern user interface that enables one-click access to programs and a highly visual guide to entertainment options and related information. It also offers recommendations based on search input and previously watched shows and movies. Users can search simultaneously across live TV, Xfinity on-demand and DVR recordings and see the last nine programmes watched across all services.

The DVR has the ability to record up to four shows while watching another, and to watch DVR recordings from any room in the house.

In terms of apps, X1 offers social integration, and an expanding selection of tailored-for-TV apps, including traffic, weather, stocks, voicemail and a sports app to track multiple games at once and check the latest scores and schedules while watching another show. X1 also includes a selection of Web-based apps, including Facebook and Pandora.

Meanwhile, the X1 Remote App lets customers use motions and voice commands to control their TVs with their Apple and Android handheld devices. For example, customers can use voice commands to navigate the guide and search for content; and swipe their iPhones to page through the interactive TV guide and programme personalised short-cuts and favourites.