HTTV Link on STMicroelectronics cable chipset

January 21, 2014 10.10 Europe/London By Robert Briel

HbbTV - HTTV multiscreenHTTV has announced the availability of its httvLink Open Middleware on the new cable-market-dedicated STMicroelectronics STiH273 chipset to provide a HbbTV solution.

httvLink is an Open Middleware for connected TV receivers. It is based on Linux and HTML5 solutions. Fully compatible with HbbTV, httvLink offers features such as multi-screen, TV portal applications, user-profile management, distribution of content within the home, non-linear TV services (VOD, catch-up TV and Push VOD), enhanced EPG, web browsing and multi-source media playback. It is available for all TV platforms: from pure broadcast (DVB-T/T2/ S/S2/ C front-ends) to pure IP (IPTV, OTT) and hybrid.

“The combination of our feature full httvLink software with this new optimized version of the ST Cable chipset will provide the best solution for Cable operators that want to provide enhanced services on a cost-effective STB to their subscribers,” said Regis Saint Girons, httv’s CEO.

“We have been able to complete the port of our httvLink Open Middleware less than two weeks after receiving the first cut of STiH273. This demonstrates the stability and the easiness of integration of our software, as well as the quality of ST’s new chipset.”

“The STiH273 allows set-top box manufacturers to provide Cable operators with a cost-conscious and compact package solution,” said Hervé Mathieu, Box and Gateway Business Line Director, Unified Processor Division, STMicroelectronics.

“Combined with httv’s httvLink advanced open middleware, ST’s chipset allows cable operators to quickly and effectively expand advanced interactive digital services to all their subscribers.”