Germany catches up in broadband penetration

Jörn Krieger | 21-01-2014

Fast Internet access is now a standard feature in most German homes, with 85% of households using a broadband service, reports German industry association BITKOM with reference to new figures from EU statistics agency Eurostat.

Five years ago, broadband penetration in Germany amounted to only 55%. Compared with the other EU countries, Germany now ranks in fifth position. The leader is Finland where 88% of households have a broadband subscription. In 2008, Germany ranked number nine.

"Since the liberalisation of the telecommunications market in 1998, network operators have invested more than €100 billion into the networks. Customers benefit from these investments through faster connections while prices have dropped at the same time," BITKOM president Dieter Kempf said.

Internet access with a data rate of at least 1Mbps is now available to more than 99% of German households, while more than 90% can sign up to over 6Mbps.

On EU average, three-quarters (76%) of households currently use broadband Internet. In addition to Finland and Germany, the top five countries with the highest broadband penetration are Denmark, the UK and the Netherlands, with 87% each. The lowest figures are in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, albeit still more than half of the households in these countries use broadband Internet.