PGS Secures rights to Alpha and Omega TV movie

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 21-01-2014

French brand management company PGS Entertainment has reached an agreement with Crest Animation Productions to represent the international broadcast rights, outside of the US, Canada and the UK, of four new CGI animated movies based on the Lionsgate film release Alpha and Omega.

Each of the 44' TV movies will be timed for seasonal release, including Alpha and Omega: The Great Wolf Games that will celebrate the upcoming Winter Olympic Games.

The Alpha and Omega movie series features a family of wolves.

The new Alpha and Omega line-up includes movies The Great Wolf Games (Winter Olympics), The Legend of the Saw-Toothed Cave (Halloween 2014), A Howl-iday Adventure (Christmas) And Family Vacation (Spring 2015).