Venezuela won't air new private, foreign channels

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 21-01-2014

"We will not consider airing new TV signals in Venezuela," Pedro Maldonado, director of Conatel, stated categorically during a meeting of the country's TV networks and cable operators.

Maldonado said that no new private foreign channel will be broadcast in Venezuela in the near future.

The country, which is currently deploying a DTT network which will be full of public signals such as the recently launched army channel, aims to promote a new TV culture. This was the main topic of the Government's meeting with Venezuela's private and public networks who will now have to follow the new law of social responsibility.

Violence in TV, especially during the children's programming, will be strictly controlled, and new content will also be promoted and broadcast through the country's various channels, content which will mostly be produced in Venezuela.

"All the public and private networks, as well as the cable operators, have endorsed the compromise of giving better information to the country's population," explained Maldonado. According to Conatel's director, the new regulation comprises a lot of ethical and moral aspects, which have now to be discussed with the channels and operators.

"We will continue offering information, entertainment and culture, and of course, accept the country's rules," added Eduardo Stigol, Intercable's president.