El Tiempo Entre Costuras breaks audience record

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 21-01-2014

Boomerang TV's series El Tiempo Entre Costuras has confirmed its audience success by breaking the Spanish audience record during its finale. The series, broadcast by Antena 3, got nearly six million viewers at some points, and had on average 5.5 million viewers and a 27.8% share.

Antena 3 has achieved great success with the Boomerang production since it started airing the series, which is why the network dedicated a whole day to the series' finale, with special programming.

El Tiempo Entre Costuras has been the most watched production of 2013, apart from football, the figures for which are always out of reach of regular shows. In addition, it has become Antena 3's most followed series in 12 years and the most watched drama on Spanish TV in eight years.

The series is based on a Spanish best-seller by María Dueñas and was filmed and produced by Atresmedia and Boomerang TV in 2011 and 2012. However, it was not aired until late 2013, when the Spanish advertising market was showing profit again.

The production has been one of 2013's success stories, and some are already predicting its export to other markets, in particular Latin America and the US. Following many Spanish productions which have been sold abroad lately, El Tiempo Entre Costuras could well be produced for the Latin market, both for an original broadcast and an adaptation.