Booming MENA pay-TV market worth $5.6BN by 2020

Editor | 22-01-2014

A report from Digital TV Research has revealed a surging pay-TV market in the Middle East and North Africa with revenues forecast to grow from $1.49 billion in 2013 to $5.6 billion by 2020.

This would represent 83% over a ten-year period, and driving the region's TV industry will be Turkey and Israel which are expected to contribute more than half (52%) of money generated by 2020 total. Even though revenues in Israel are projected to fall by $56 million over this period due to greater competition, the analyst calculates that Turkey will contribute $359 million. Other key markets will be Egypt ($362 million) and Saudi Arabia ($257 million).

In terms of platforms used – and despite a transformation to IP-based video services such as over-the-top (OTT) in countries such as Qatar and the UAE beginning in 2013 – Digital TV Research sees satellite TV continuing to dominate pay-TV revenues, taking two-thirds of the 2020 total, similar to the 2013 proportion. Satellite TV revenues are set to reach $3.74 billion in 2020, a $1 billion rise on 2013 and nearly double the 2010 total.