Smart, hybrid TV to lead Spanish sales in 2014

Jane Wolfe | 23-01-2014

2014 has been touted as the year for smart and hybrid TVs in Spain, following the growth trend already experienced in 2013.

José Luis Vázquez, president of AEDETI, the interactive TV association, said that sellers and producers have great expectations and that smart screens will be commercially solid in 2014.

According to Europa Press, AEDETI presented some figures during the Revolution TV conference, held in Madrid this week. In Spain there are currently 2.7 million smart TVs, of which nearly 1.6 million support the hybrid HbbTV standard for connected screens. Vázquez believes all smart TVs will be hybrid-adapted in 2014, allowing Web services to be integrated with digital TV.

Compared to 2012, the number of hybrid TVs in Spain grew by 33 percentage points thanks, according to Vázquez, to the collaboration of TV channels. Services such as TVE's Botón Rojo, which integrates the public channel's website with its regular programming and a video-on-demand (VOD) platform, have pushed customers towards the new hybrid standard.

"We have only reached the current situation thanks to the collaboration deals between broadcasters, TV and set-top box producers and service providers," stated Vázquez. "Without an agreement it's impossible to commercially establish a new standard."