World Cup triggers Public Viewing concept

January 23, 2014 13.44 Europe/London By Robert Briel

football public viewingdnp Denmark has started the rollout of its Public Viewing concept at sports related facilities throughout Europe.

The main trigger is the upcoming World Cup Football in Brazil, coming in June and July. Live broadcasts of the matches provide a perfect setting for locations with F&B facilities (bars, hotels and clubhouses) to engage visitors with live football entertainment broadcasts on Big Screens in (Full) HD quality.

When it comes to live sport events, football is by far the most watched content in Europe and when it comes to the World Cup fans tend to massively gather together at public locations to enjoy it live.

With 13 (out of 32) countries from Europe having qualified for the World Cup, sports fans throughout most the Old Continent are making their preparations for the world’s premier sports event.

The philosophy behind the concept is that the screen size in combination with the image quality significantly increases the customer’s experience and strengthens the visitors’ engagement with the venue itself. This in turn should result in a lengthening of the visiting hours of customers and providing them with ample reasons to schedule a revisit.

Inevitably this should create a “local “ buzz with the intention to draw in more and more venue traffic. Ergo the live broadcasts provide a perfect manner to increase F&B turnover.

“After all it’s all about the customer experience”, says Rob Geve, chairman of Lisse Lawn Tennis Club in the Netherlands. “When xScreen Interactive first installed dnp Public Viewing, we encountered nothing but positive reactions from our members and undoubtedly experienced that most visitors stayed longer than usually”.

With a 65% global market share, the dnp product portfolio includes a wide range of optical screens for front and rear projection applications. Its Supernova STS Screen (92 or 100”), which is key to dnp Public Viewing, provides a powerful and ultra-compact installation that is ideal for use in public locations with limited space.

Optimised for Ultra-Short-Throw-Projectors the screen is a cost-effective alternative to flat panels in the 80-100” range. Contrast levels are almost the same, but at a considerably lower price point, which enables venue owners to rapidly realize an substantial return on investment.