Pakistanis hungry for HD, claims GS Group

Rebecca Hawkes | 24-01-2014

Around two-thirds of 'elite' Pakistani males are keen to receive a digital pay-TV service with high definition (HD) channels, according to new research conducted by Russian conglomerate GS Group.

The Russian technology group claims 93% of respondents to its survey – drawn from a male audience aged 20-65 with average monthly income of under US$3,000 – are ready to change their current TV operator to receive higher quality services (as of December 2013).

Over 73% of all Pakistanis are not satisfied with the quality of cable TV services, according to additional data collected by GS Group in November 2013. Weather conditions can adversely affect the quality of the service, the group found.

Furthermore, IPTV services, which reach 10% of the Pakistani population, can be hampered by erratic Internet connections, says the GS Group.