Mexicanal adds Michoacán news feed for US Hispanics

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 24-01-2014

US TV network Mexicanal is planning to broadcast live news from its regional Michoacán affiliate, Sistema Michoacano de Radio y Televisión. Viewers can now tune in to watch SM Noticias Michoacán every weekday.

The newscast broadcasts directly from the Mexican state's capital of Morelia and is anchored by journalist Brissa Arroyo. Viewers may also interact live with the newscast on its social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

"The idea behind this initiative is to offer viewers in both countries the opportunity to receive and interact with the latest news in real time using social media platforms," said Antonio Gonzlaez, Mexicanal's production director, who worked closely with the team at Sistema Michoacano de Radio y Television to launch the initiative. "Usually networkers provide national news, but we are featuring a regional newscast that is relevant to a large majority of Mexicans living outside Mexico."

Michoacán has the highest volume of labour migration into the United States, with Michoacáns accounting for more than three million immigrants. The majority of this population (73%) is located in California, followed by Illinois (8%) and Washington (7%).

"This stellar newscast is crossing frontiers with Mexicanal's support, and we're very happy that it will now be transmitted live, reaching viewers in the USA in real time, and giving viewers from Michoacán and neighbouring states an 'open window' to stay in touch with family and friends," said Christian Gutiérrez, head of Sistema Michoacano de Radio y Televisión.

A joint venture of Castalia Communications and Mexico's Cablecom, Mexicanal was launched in 2004 to target the more than 30 million Mexicans in the United States. The channel offers a combination of news, entertainment and sports programming from a number of affiliates, representing regions all across Mexico, as well as its own original programming.