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Thread: ProgDVB v4.82 & ProgDVB 5

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    ProgDVB v4.82 & ProgDVB 5

    ProgDVB v4.82
    Changes in current versions:
    5.00 Testing of new interface.
    4.82 NEWMI Advanced DVB cards.
    4.82 Many small fixs in engine.
    ProgDVB 5
    This is my first experience in creating interface for ProgDVB Engine using Microsoft .Net. It may, of course, contain several bugs. This version is made for testing purpose only. This version does not support OSD and localization and wich is more important, has no important new functions so far. Besides, .Net version will always work a little slower.
    This version has very important improvement - it supports skins for main form (and in future it will support skins for OSD). Skin editor goes in complect, and I hope to receive several handy and beautiful skins from users.
    Also, you will need Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 or higher, you can download it here
    by progdvb
    Screen Capture for ProgDVB 5


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    Re: ProgDVB v4.82 & ProgDVB 5

    the serial of progdvb 5 ?


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