Mobile video-on-demand set to launch in Ghana

Rebecca Hawkes | 28-01-2014

Blu Telecommunications, one of Ghana's fourth generation (4G) LTE licensees, is planning to be the first company in the West African country to offer on-demand video via mobile broadband.

Tara Squire, Blu's chief commercial officer, told Balancing Act Africa that his company's LTE service, which will operate in 2.6GHz, will have content as the "cornerstone" of the operation.

"We're speaking to the biggest houses in Ghana and one to two international companies. There will also be a user-generated portion of the portal," he reportedly said.

The service, which will initially launch in Accra before rolling out to major towns, will be available as either capacity bundles or a monthly unlimited data package. Pricing will reportedly be based on existing 3G services.

The Huawei-supplied LTE network will guarantee a speed of 6mbps, Squire claims, up from the current average of 512kbps.

Blu is one of three Ghanian ISPs along with Surfline and Gold Key which won the rights at auction to use spectrum for LTE services. Surfline's 4G network, based on Alcatel-Lucent technology, is also expected to launch soon.

Elsewhere in West Africa, in 2012 Movicel and Unitel launched LTE networks in Angola, while MTC launched also launched its 4G network in Namibia.

Speaking at the LTE Africa 2013 conference, technology supplier Huawei put the growth rate for mobile broadband in Africa at 82%.