UK media companies continue employment campaign

Editor | 28-01-2014

Whether a resurgence or a renaissance, the UK media industry is certainly seeing an uptick in employment, according to The Barclays Employers Survey 2014.

The survey of 644 UK businesses across all sectors, has revealed that just over half (53%) of firms in the media industry will be increasing staffing levels this year, four percentage points above the national cross sector average, with over a quarter (27%) indicating that they would be taking on apprentices in 2014.

There is a genuine feeling of optimism in the media industry, in which 27% think the worst is behind them in terms of the Eurozone crisis and only 22% think the worst is ahead of them. As they hired to expand, just under two-fifths of firms said they struggled to get sufficient skilled labour. Looking at what types of roles are being created, of the media companies which are hiring, 45% are also planning to increase the number of entry level positions, compared with 39% in 2013, and 16% of media companies will be creating senior management roles, a significant drop compared with the 28% in 2013. Just under half of firms (48%) plan to take on freelancers or contractors, with 54% of those that are doing so citing this is because of the flexibility they offer the firm, whereas 46% will hire them because of them having a particular skill.

Commenting on the findings, Sue Pettican, relationship director, Barclays technology, media and telecoms team, said: "When the financial crisis hit, the media industry initially maintained staffing levels, waiting to see how it would play out. In the last few years however, they cut hard and they cut deep, but it's positive to see that over half of businesses in the sector are increasing staffing levels this year."